I am Debraj Ray, Having More than 10 years of Practical Experience. You Can take My Online Astrological Consultation if you are looking for any kind of Astrological Help. I use Traditional i.e. Parasari, Nadi and Some other methods to Check Charts.


  • We will send you the Analysis Report in 8-9 working Days after your booking .
  • unlike others, we do not send you any  software genareted generic report.
  • Payments through our website is completely safe & secure.

In Case of any Doubt or Confusion pl visit here. Feel free to contact on astrologylovers.com@gmail.com​

Our Service

Marriage Consultation

This Consultation will give you Below information about marriage and Relationship. 

All our Analysis is done using Rashi Chart, D-9 Chart, Nakshatra.

This report will contain the following information.

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

Time of Marriage – Period when you will get Married

Nature and character of your Spouse

Profession of your Spouse

Looks or Physical Appearance of Spouse

Inter Caste Marriage or Marriage in same Caste

Direction of your Spouse

Overall Married Life and Relationship with Husband and In-Laws

Remedies if any required

Consultation charge

 Rs 1500 1000 (30% off)

Career and Finance Consultation​

This Consultation will give you all informations about your profession and Career. 

All our Analysis is done using Rashi Chart, D-10 Chart, Nakshatra.

This report will contain the following information.

Overall Career Analysis 

Most Suitable Profession

Job/Business which is better for you 

Suitable Business Option for you

Government Job Yoga- If it is applicable for you.

Job Change Possibility or Promotion or Improvement in Business within Recent 2-3 year

Overall Finance Analysis 

Foreign Travel Yoga and Foreign Settlement Yoga

Short Analysis of Upcoming 3 years for your Career and Finance as per Dasha and Transit 

Apart from this you can ask 5 Specific queries about your career.  

Remedies if necessary

Consultation charge

 Rs 2000 1500 (25% off)

Child birth or Progeny Related Problem

If you are facing any problem related to child birth or progeny, you Should take this consultation. 

Birth chart of Boy and Girl Both will be checked.  

You can ask up to 5 specific queries regarding child birth. 

Necessary Remedies

Consultation charge

 Rs 1500 1000 (30% off)

Relationship Problem​

If you are facing any Marital problem or compatibility issue with your husband or partner, You can take this Consultation. 

This will address your queries regarding Divorce or Separation, Marriage Problem,  child custody, Problem or difficulty with your Lover etc. 

Birth chart of Boy and Girl Both will be checked.

You can ask up to 5 specific queries.  

Necessary Remedies.

Consultation charge

 Rs 1500 1200 (20% off)

Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Horoscope Matching for Marriage. Boy and Girl Chart will be checked for Marriage and Relationship compatibility.  You will be able to understand whether your Marriage and Married life will be Happy or not, Whether you should proceed with the Marriage proposal or not. 

Both the Horoscope will be matched As per planetary alignment and we do not use astakoota Guna score.

Consultation charge

 Rs 2000 1200 (40% off)

Overall Horoscope Analysis

Complete Horoscope Analysis will contain following information

Overall Analysis of Planet Position in your chart.

Analysis on Relationship, Marriage and Married Life. If you are Unmarried, Everything that included in Marriage report will be covered. In case you are Married, how will be your Married Life in coming days will be covered.

Analysis of Career and Financial Success. Everything that included in Career Report.

Foreign travel and Foreign Settlement prospect in your chart.

How will be your Health in Recent time. 

Short Analysis of upcoming 2-3 years for Marriage, Health, Career perspective.

5 Specific questions can be asked apart from the above mentioned Details. Questions to be sent with birth details before Preparation of Report.

Remedies if necessary

Consultation charge

 Rs 3200 2200 (30% off)

Question Answer Service

You can ask Specific Questions about Marriage or Career or Finance or Health or Child birth or Education or any area of your Life. But the Questions Should be specific in nature.

Maximum 10 questions are Allowed. 

Only One Horoscope Will be checked

Consultation charge

 Rs 20001500 (25% off)

5 year Report​

This Report will tell you How the Upcoming 5 years is going to be for you. The Analysis will be done using Dasha and Transit along with Other Divisional Chart wherever required.

Year on Year Basis Analysis based on Vimsottari Dasha and Transit.  

Only One Horoscope Will be checked.

Consultation charge

 Rs 20001500 (25% off)

Frequently Asked Questions

All the consultations will be via Email only. We have different Kind of Service Available. You can take the Service as per your requirement. You will receive it in Your Mail ID in a week time.

We do not give consultation via Skype or phone unless it is extremely necessary.

In case you do not know the exact birth time, there is a process called birth time rectification to get the exact birth time. But we do not provide this Service. If you can not provide birth time, we will not be able to analyse your chart.

No. Overall Analysis is not a Life time Analysis. It will give you overall information about Marriage, Career, finance, Health etc. Events that can happen within recent 2-3 years will be Covered.

After Making the Payment, You have to Send your birth details to astrologylovers.com@gmail.com  You will receive your Report in a PDF format in the Same Mail ID.

We take the privacy of our clients Very Seriously. Your information and details are completely Safe with us. Be Assured that We will not publish it or Share it with anyone or in anywhere. In case we want to Publish any of your feedback or any comment, we will take your prior approval for the Same.

Obviously No. Software generated reports are freely available in internet. Why Should we charge for that ? We will check your chart in detail and will give you the Predictions accordingly. All the charts are checked by our Astrologer Mr. Debraj individually. So you should be Assured that you will get a Genuine Astrological Report.

It will Depend on what kind of consultation you have taken. The best Solution will be to contact me via mail on astrologylovers.com@gmail.com  I will assist you in Selecting the suitable Service.

Mr. Debraj do not give Telephonic consultation at present due to the Schedule. You can opt for any of the Email consultations. But in case you need telephonic consultation only, we have equally qualified astrologers in our Panel and you can consult them. Pl write to us on astrologylovers.com@gmail.com for this.

No. birth time rectification is a completely different Service and we do not provide this Service. We will use the time provided by you for our chart analysis.

No. In Followup Consultation you have to ask Question about the Same area. If you have taken Marriage consultation, Your followup question Should be about Marriage only. Only If you have taken Overall Analysis, You can ask any question on Followup consultation.

Yes, each and every Report will include Necessary Remedies.

Depending on the Rush, you will receive the Report within 10-12 Working days. Our Working days are Monday to Saturday. In case of High Rush, one or two days extra may be required.

Yes. Overall Report will give all the information of individual Marriage report or Career report. It is like a combined report of the two but with lot more information.

No Separate Analysis of Navamsa or D10 will be included in the Reports. But we will use them and will also mention in the reports wherever Required.

No. You have to Send your queries before preparation of the Report. Ideally you Should Send the reports along with your birth details but due to some problem if you can not Send the questions immediately, you can send them within next one or two days.

If you have made the payments through our Instamojo Payment gateway, we will send you a Mail on your mail ID if we do not receive your birth details within 24 hours. But of you have made the payment through Paytm or Google pay, we will not be in a Situation to send you any reminder.

You can Either take Question answer Service or You can take Marriage consultation and after that you can ask the Question with a Follow up consultation. Otherwise you can take Relationship Problem Consultation.

These are Email Consultations. Telephonic consultations are not provided with Email consultation. You can send email for any kind of queries.

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