Your Personalised "Career Horoscope" for Better Professional Growth

So, you've got a good Job but not getting Desired growth? Facing Problems in Workplace or Business ? Not Getting a Job even after Lot of effort ?

You’re not alone. This is where your Horoscope comes into Play.

Proper Analysis of Your Horoscope will Reveal all the information about your Career and will give you a right Direction.

Get All The Details Of Your Career And Professional Life from Your Horoscope.

We handle everything for you!

  • Discover your Strength and Ability which are crucial to Achieve Success. Overall Success indicated in Your Chart.

  • Most Suitable Profession for You where Chances of Success is Maximum. Most Suitable Job and Most Suitable Business.

  • Job or Business which is Best for you. Whether Partnership Business is good for you or not.

  • Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement Yoga in Horoscope, Govt Job Yoga, Overall Finance Analysis.

Apart from these, You can ask Your Specific queries and problems related to Career and Finance.

Why Should you Take this consultation

Your Career Prospect

You will be able to Know how your Upcoming years will be regarding your Career. What Kinds of Problems or Growth You Can expect in the coming years

Proper Planning of Career

You will be able to best time to Switch your job or Suitable time for Promotion or Starting Business. You will be able to Plan Your Career in a Better way

Right Direction

Your Horoscope Analysis will give you a right Direction and help you in taking correct Decision. Many Decisions Like Foreign Travel or Govt Job Should be taken only if your chart is Supportive

D10 Chart

D10 chart is the Most important Divisional chart for Career and Work. Only Analysis of Birth chart is not Sufficient. In your Career Horoscope we check the D10 Chart while checking your Birth chart

Not a Generic Report

Unlike Others, this is not a Software Generated report. Your Horoscope will be checked by expert Astrologer Debraj Roy himself and Proper Analysis of your Birth chart will be done.


Most Detailed

This is the Most Detailed and in-depth Analysis of your Horoscope with Remedial Measures for your Career Problems. Not only Birth chart but Divisional charts, Dasha, Transit and Many other Factors are checked while checking the chart.

Our Astrologer

Debraj Roy is a website Founded by Mr. Debraj Ray in 2015. The Main Purpose of this website is to educate People with Genuine Astrological Knowledge. Debraj Ray, Founder of this Website, is one of the best Astrologer in Kolkata with almost 10 years of Practical Experience. With his hard work and sincere effort Astrologylover has become one of the Top and Leading astrological website. His Client List Includes Movie Directors, Big Businessman, Top Management of Corporate Companies, CEO’s, Doctors etc Not only within India but in Various Other countries Like Malaysia, Dubai, USA, Turkey etc.

Most frequent questions and answers

After Making the Payment, You have to submit your birth details and after that you will receive your report in your email within 8-9 working days.

We take the privacy of our clients Very Seriously. Your information and details are completely Safe with us. Be Assured that We will not publish it or Share it with anyone or in anywhere. In case we want to Publish any of your feedback or any comment, we will take your prior approval for the Same.

Every good thing need time. We will take 8-9 working days to send the report.

Obviously No. Software generated reports are freely available in internet. Why Should we charge for that ? We will check your chart in detail and will give you the Predictions accordingly. All the charts are checked by our Astrologer Mr. Debraj individually. So you should be Assured that you will get a Genuine Astrological Report.