Mahendra Porutham, Dina Porutham and Streedeerga-Koota System


Mahendra Porutham  in Kundali Milan Process

During the Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching before Marriage in India, we still follow the Ashta koota Process. In this Process different aspect is checked by comparing the Moons Nakshatra. Here we will discuss three Kootas or Agreements which are checked during marriage. Mahendra Koota which sometimes called as Mahendra Porutham, Dina Porutham or Dina Koota and Streedeerga Koota is also the part of Ashta koota Matching.

If we refer Great Astrologer of this century Mr. Krishnamurty, he has written in his book that Dasa Porutham is meaning less. Every Rule has contradiction and exception. This method may be useful to the person who do not know the correct birth time but knows their Moon sign only.

That is why we do not Follow Ashtakuta Matching during our Horoscope Matching Process and We Depend on comparing Planetary Alignments of Two Horoscopes. If You want you can also get most advanced Horoscope Matching Report  from Us.

There are ten Porutham or Agreement which are generally observed during the matchmaking process. These are listed below

  1. Dina Porutham
  2. Gana Porutham
  3. Mahendra Porutham
  4. Streedeerga Porutham
  5. Yoni Porutham
  6. Rashi Porutham
  7. Rasyadhipati Porutham
  8. Vassya Porutham
  9. Rajju Porutham
  10. Vedha Porutham

Among these ten agreements here we will discuss about the importance of Mahendra Koota, Streedeerga Koota and Dina Koota or Tara Koota.

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Importance of Dina Porutham or Dina Koota

As per Classics If there is Dina Porutham between bride and groom and if they get married, Long life with good health is promised to the couple. But here we have to consider this principle with some consideration. If the individual charts have severe affliction and do not really promise long life, only matching of Dina Koota will not guarantee Long healthy life to the couple.

Dina Kuta also means matching of charts or compatibility for day-to-day living and sharing of happiness and sorrow. The word Dina simply means day and refers to day-to-day living and sharing. The point is that when two people marry then they should be supportive to each other during the days of worry and troubles.

How to Calculate the or check Dina Porutham

We Know that there are 27 stars in the Zodiac. The Moon star during birth is known as Janma Nakshatra. We take Janma Nakshatra as the first star and divide the total 27 star in 3 groups with 9 star in each group. These group is known as Navatara Chakra. The birth star is taken as the 1st star to begin the counting and known as Janma Nakshatra.  Below is the example of a Navatara Chakra.

Navatara Nakshtra- Janma   Sampat   Vipat   Kshema   Pratyak   Saadhana   Naidhana   Mitra   Parama Mitra

The Vipat, Pratayak and Nidhana Star are inauspicious. So we will take the bride star and prepare the Navatara chakra. The birth star of Groom should not be in Vipat, Pratayak or Nidhan Star. The best agreement is when the birth star of the groom falls in sadhana or Kshema or in Param mitra star.

Another way to do is to count the constellation from that of the girl and divide it by 9. If the reminder is 2, 4,6,8,0 it is good. Three point is allotted to Dina koota or Tara koota.

If Dina Koota is not there , the husband and the wife can not come really close and they can not support each other during difficult time. By Dina porutham we can say that the couple will live together for a longer period and will maintain a good health.

Mahendra Porutham or Mahendra Koota

If Mahendra Porutham is matched among the couple, it indicates that they will have children. If the the groom star is same as the bride or 4th , 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th and 22nd star counted from bride, Mahendra porutham is matched.

With Mahendra Koota matched it is to be presumed that couple having this match will have many children. Also the husband will be capable enough to protect the wife and children from the harsh practical world. In our View Mahendra Porutham or Mahendra Koota should not be given much importance.

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Streedeerga Koota

Streedeerga Porutham ensures that the wealth of the couple will increase after marriage. The Male Nakshatra should be 13 star away than that of the girl star. There is streedeerga koota matching when the boys star is 13th and above i. e. between 13th and 27th when counted from that of the girl. But there are Authorities who think that the constellation of the boy should be beyond 9th from that of the girl. Some are also of the opinion that it should be 7 constellations away. We should not give much importance to streedeerga koota also because of the different opinion.

Ashtakoota Matching do not hold Much importance in Modern time.  You Should Read our discussion on Actual Process of Kundali Milan before Marriage.

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I have tried to give some information about Dina Koota, Mahendra Koota and Streedeerga koota. If you think, I have missed something please do not forget to comment.


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