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Mahendra Porutham, Dina Porutham and Streedeerga-Koota System

Mahendra Porutham  in Kundali Milan Process During the Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching before Marriage in India, we still follow the Ashta koota Process. In this Process different aspect is checked by comparing the Moons Nakshatra. Here we will discuss three Kootas or Agreements which...

Misconception About Rakshasa Gana And Manushya Gana in Kundali Matching

Marriage is one of the most important Incident in our Life. It gives our life a new direction. If we do not get a good family life, how much we earn or successful, life becomes very dull. So chart matching before marriage is very...

Future Spouse Appearance-Beautiful Wife or Husband from 7th House Astrology- Updated

Spouse Appearance from Astrology We all want Beautiful wife or handsome husband. But all of us are not So lucky. There are certain Planetary combination which gives important clue about Appearance of spouse in astrology. So these combinations will indicate about the Look, Complexion, Height,...