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The first Celebrity Horoscope of our discussion is L K Advani.

Birth Details: 8 Nov 1927

Time: 08:10 am

Place: Karahi, Pakistan.

Invite persons to thrwsome Light on his Chart.

Admin Jun 6 '16

Her is the chart

Admin Jun 7 '16

Hi Friends..

If we look int the chart carefully, there are lot of interesting things.

Scorpio Lagna wth Saturn and Ketu in Lagna. Scorpio is a very intense Sign and Ketu in it is making it more intense. Mars is both his LagnaLord and Rashi Lord. Mars is having Nakshtar Exchange with Rahu. Making him very aggressive. We al know that Mr.Advani is a aggressive Leader.

Second house is the house of Speech an communication. 2nd Lord Jupiter is not only in own house but in exalted Navamsha. Moreover it is having 6 Amsa in Dashavarga Scheme. So his communication skill is good but the karakafor communication i.e. Mer is retro. plus Mer is with aggressive Mars . Controversy has created due to his aggressive speech several time.

Saturn is karaka for Masses. It is in own star and Vargottam. So he is popular among masses. But Saturn is aspecting his 7th house, lord of7th house and Karaka of marriage Venus as well as his UL. So his marriage has been delayed.

For a politician the support of Sun is very much required. his Sun is debilitated but  in the star of 5th Lord Jup. Moreover it is exalted in Navamsha. So it has got Neech Bhanga.  7th house is the house of Masses. Rahu, we all know is a illusion. Rahu is very good in Taurus. It is in the star of Lagna Lrd, aspected by Lagna Lord, the sign dispositor is in the 5th house from Rahu. if Rahu is placed in a Kendra and it is aspected by a Trikon Lord, it gives very good result. We all know that Lagna Lord is a Kendra as well as a Kona Lord. So in the Dasha of Rahu he gradually became popular and Rahu established him as a plotical leader.

Mutual aspect between 9th Lord Moon and 10th Lord Sun and Lagn Lord Mars is a very good Rajyoga but as it has occoured in the 12th house as well as the association of 8th Lord Mercury has made it quite weak. So he has neve bee able to become the PM of this country. 

Jup is the 5th Lord and it is having 5 Amsa in Dasha Varga scheme. So very strong. In the Mahadasha of Jup he became the Deputy PM of the country. Jupiter used the foundation given by Rahu very nicely.

I invite the view of other persons also...


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