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Jupiter is the most Benefic planet of this Zodiac. It is the significator of knowledge, wisdom, children, wealth, fortune etc. The wisdom that Jupiter gives us is in the philosophical plane not like the day to day cleverness which mercury gives. It is said that Jupiter can remove thousands of dosha of a kundli with its aspect only. In judging a chart we should always give special attention to Jupiter and Saturn. If both of these two planets are weak then it becomes very difficuilt to become successful and even if you become successful, it is very difficult to sustain that success. Jupiter Rules over Dhanu and Meen Rashi.

Jupiter signifies the good things that come to you easily and

with little effortthis is the planet of “free lunch.” When Jupiter is prominent in your horoscope you tend to be well liked and popular, friendly, broadminded, and cheerful, successful in career and business. Jupiter is the planet of blessingsblessings we must learn to use wisely.


Jupiter in Aries: - Aries is the sign of Mars. Jupiter and Mars is Friend. So it is a good placement for Jupiter. It indicates a progressive, ambitious single minded person. Confidence and optimism of Mars coupled with knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter will make you very focused towards your goal or vision. They can be benefitted with inheritance. It will make you self-confident and very independent and you will not like to follow other people words. In this course, you may need to overcome lot of enemies or oppositions. You will be generous, dignified and honest. This position of Jupiter helps you to come in touch with influential people of the society and getting help from them in your career. You will have liking for literature, religion, traveling etc. you can be benefitted thru speculations, investment or share market. But this position of Jupiter may make you extravagant some time.

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