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My dear friends..

Its my great pleasure to share about Rajyoga Meditation ,which is completely different from other meditation like physical excercise /Pranayam/Dhyan.So far in this journey you all must have passed through these physical excersice but it gives relaxation for hours or so.We are searching for peace,happy,love and many more outside.

But we all have experienced what actually we searching in life.We are running behind money,fame,name,desire all the times ever since we started our journey. But dear friends ,dear brothers and sisters do you really achieved all ur desire what you opted for you.I must tell you one thing,the answer will come no.Why so ? 

Just think about it..let's recollect your memories, pause for sometimes. What actually we desire in life .

Please remember , at a time one can not get happiness,prosperity,peace in life.Just check once any one of these will be missing in life ..its applicable to all..

The basic mantra is we have no control on ourselves..just check ..we have given our remote control of our mind to others then check how we move in our life..we are spending times for our job/ buiseness,giving times to our friends, neighbour,our family..but can't we have given times for ourselves ...!!!!

Whether we have given times for puself what our inner heart/ mind wants in life...pls remember frindes yesterday is gone tomorrow we have not seen what left is present now check where we r loosing our ample energy, time..many more !!!!

Everything in life start with challenges or difficulties or problems or doubts what outcome you will receive in result is lack of self confidence, lack of trustworthyness to others,negative approach,poor relationship with others.,full of tension,problems..etc...

Dear friends its now time for solution in life ..How ? Do you have time to listen to do better in life without loosing money ...

Rajyoga meditation is such meditation which is king of All ...So far we done prayers to GOD ..but its one-sided..

But by practicing Raj yoga meditation ..I.e,when I,the Soul,the spiritual energy which is running this body,gets connect with the Supreme Allmighty Shiva..our Supreme GODFATHER ..Soul father..Parampitaparamatma..we establish direct devine connection with GOD..then what you will receive from him..the energy of love,peace,happy,power,bliss,purity...who is ocean of love ,happy,purity,power,bliss,power..our state of mind will be full of live,peace, happiness,bliss purity by his devine energy...

We actually need food for mind ...that is spiritual energy from the Allmighty..which will transform our negative energy into positive energy now just think about it what I impact will have in ur day to days living life...

So what are you waiting for ...the good day is started for you all..its time to wake up and make your tomorrow better with Spirituality..

Its now or never !!!!

Good night all..

                                            Pushkar Amsa and Its effect

Pushkar Amsa and Pushkarbhaga is special concept used in Navamsha. This concept is found in Jataka Parijat and also in Nadi books. Now Lets understand what is Pushkar Amsa and its importance and effects.

Push Means boast or nourish and Kar means significator. Pushkara is a special energy which nourishes a planet.

Navamsha is the most important chart after Rasi chart. It shows the actual strength of a Planet. If a planet is well placed in Rasi chart but weak in Navamsha ,it will not be able to deliver its good results fully.  There are some areas in every sign, where if planets are posited they get benefic  sign in Navamsha which strengthen the planets and its significations. These ares  are called Pushkar amsa .

In each Sign there are two such areas. So Total Pushkar amsa is 24. Any planet posited in these areas get its quality enhanced and acquire the potential to give good result.

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So Now Lets See what are the areas of Each Sign which comes under Pushkar Amsa.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius -20 deg to 23 deg20’ (Libra Navamsha)  and 26 deg40’ to 30deg(Sagittarius Navamsha)

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn- 6deg40’ to 10deg40’ (Pisces Navamsha)  and 13deg20’ to 16deg40’ (Taurus Navamsha)

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius-16deg40’ to 20deg (Pisces Navamsha) and 23deg20’ to 26deg40’ (Taurus Navamsha)

Cancer, Scorpio, Pices-0deg to 3deg20’ (Cancer Navamsha)  and 6deg40’ to 10deg(Virgo Navamsha)

When any planets occupy these areas of any sign they get Navamsha of either Jupiter/Moon/Venus or Mercury.  No Pushkar amsa falls in the sign of Sun, Mars or Saturn.

Out of these 24 pushkar amsa, in 3 amsa planets will be vargottam. Vargottam is different concept which we will discuss later. But as of now we can say that if a planet occupy the same sign in Rasi chart and Navamsha chart, it is called Vargottama.  So for example

If a planet is posited in Sagittarius sign in 270 then it will be in Sagittarius Navamsha also. So it will be in pushkar amsa as well as vargottama. So very powerful.  In this way any planet placed in Taurus Sign in between 13020’ to 16040’ and in cancer sign in between 00to 3020’ will be in pushkar amsa and also vargottama. Famous Actor Amitabh bachhan has Jupiter in cancer vargottama and also in Pushkar amsa.  Placement in the Pushkar amsa enhances the significations of a planet. Suppose Jupiter is in the Pushkar amsa. Jupiter is the significator of wealth. If Jupiter is well placed in Kendra or Kona in rashi chart it will give plenty of wealth. But if it is ill placed in 6th or 8th house, it will give wealth but the magnitude will be low and also with wealth it will give disease, obstacles, enemies etc.

Pushkara Bhagas are specific degrees where planets become auspicious to do good. The exact degree becomes very powerful agent for being positive, whereas the Navamsha is still powerful but not as intense as the degree.

The degrees are as below

21deg Aries (Libra Navamsha)

19deg Leo (Virgo Navamsha)

23deg Sagittarius (Libra Navamsha)

14deg Taurus (Taurus Navamsha and Vargottama)

9deg Virgo (Pisces Navamsha),

14deg Capricorn (Taurus Navamsha)

18deg Gemini (Pisces Navamsha)

24deg Libra (Taurus Navamsha)

19deg Aquarius (Pisces Navamsha)

8deg Cancer (Virgo Navamsha)

11deg Scorpio (Libra Navamsha),

9deg Pisces (Virgo Navamsha)


Lagna, Lagna lord, and 10th lords in Pushkara give great strength and good luck to the

birth chart. More planets in Pushkara, the stronger the chart.  Any planet / planets in Pushkar Navamsha or Pushkar Bhaga strengthen the chart. Lagna Lord will elevate the whole chart whereas the Karaka of a particular House will boost that House. If the Dasha lord is in Pushkara or the lord of it will give special results in relationship to its significations.  Yogakaraka and Yogas formed in Pushkara will give excellent results during their periods.  If a woman has Jupiter in Pushkara, then she will have good partner and children.

Will welcome your feedback...

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                           Retrograde Planet



In Astrology we use a Term Retrograde or Vakri. Vakri is a Sanskrit word which means reverse. But what is Retrograde Planet?


When a planet appears to be moving in the opposite direction as compared to its normal movement, it is called a retrograde planet.  But We all know that all the planets are moving around Sun in a uniform direction. So how can a Planet move in backward direction?


It is not possible to change the direction of their movement. Then what is the meaning of retrograde motion or retrogression?


Retrograde planets and its effect is a subject to diversity of opinion. But I will try to give a basic idea about it. To understand retrogression better we should look into the movements of the planets.


In Vedic Astrology all astronomical observations are done considering the earth to be the reference point. This system of observation is called 'geocentric'.  Why Earth? Because all the planets are moving around Sun and as per surya sidhanta even sun is not stable. Sun is moving around the Navi of Vishnu or Vishnu Navi with the entire solar system. The entire universe is part of Narayana or Vishnu and there is millions of solar system like ours in this universe. So we consider earth as the reference point. In any system of measurements, the reference point is considered stationary, though it may actually be moving. This may be like everyone's common experience while sitting in a moving train. If the train you are sitting in passes by another train which is moving in the same direction, but slower than your train, this other train seems to be moving backwards against the backdrop of distant trees. This is so because you consider yourself to be the reference point and hence stationary. Largely, a similar phenomenon takes place with the planets also, when they appear to be moving backwards. In our solar system, the planets are orbiting around the Sun with varying speeds. The earth is also doing likewise. So if in a certain time they come in a position at the orbit that they appear to be going backward from earth and that is what retrogression. That planet in that particular time is called retrograde planet.

Sun and Moon never becomes Retrograde or Vakri and Rahu and Ketu is always Vakri.


Mercury can go a maximum of 27 degrees form the Sun and Venus cannot go beyond 47 degrees from the Sun. They are called Inner planets. Among them Mercury becomes retrograde or Vakri very often. But Venus does not necessarily become retrograde every year. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are called the outer planet. Jupiter and Saturn becomes retrograde once in a year.


Effects of Retrograde or Vakri planet: SomeAstrologers are of the opinion  that retrograde planets causes the influence of the plaets to reverse.Somealso state that effect of retrograde planet wll be one sign aead of the posited sign. But effects of Vakri graha needsa separte and detailed discussion wich we wll d in the 2nd part.



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The Story of Lord Shani

The planets control the entire universe but Lord Shani is the chief controller. He is the significator of our actions (the present and the past). He punishes or rewards us according to our good or misdeeds. He is neither partial nor delays in meting out the results. For us, he is sort of an enigma which a huge mysterious and fear-inspiring aura around him. Let us see if we can demystify him a bit.

The origin of Lord Shani has been discussed in many classical books but in Kashi section of the ‘Skand Puran’, the story of the origin of Lord Shani has been discussed in details.

Sanjana was the daughter of Vishwakarma (the celestial engineer and architect). Sanjana on reaching marriageable age, like all dutiful fathers, Vishwakarma started seeking out a suitable groom for her. In this respect he approached Surya, the Sun God, to accept his daughter’s hand in marriage. Surya accepted and the marriage was solemnized.

A little while into the marriage and Sanjana is troubled by the Surya’s radiation. To shield her eyes from the heat she used to close her eyes as soon as the latter looked at her. This did not go well with the mighty Surya and he cursed her with a son who will be the destroyer of creatures (Ref: Markandeya Purana). Even after this, when Sanjana still kept trembling in his presence, he further cursed her with a daughter who will be fickle and trembling in her course. Thus, Yama and Yami (Yamuna) were born.

 Sanjana eventually decides to leave for her father’s house. She creates a clone (perhaps one of the first documented instances of cloning). She calls her clone “Chhaya” (shadow). She installs Chhaya in her place and instructs her not to leave Surya’s presence under any circumstances, and to dutifully remain there till her return. She also cautions her from telling the truth to Surya The latter does not notice the difference. He takes Chhaya to be his wife and initiates marital relations; Chhaya conceives and delivers a son – Shani (Saturn). Shani is born of dark complexion like his mother, and also inherits Chhaya’s serious and somber countenance. The power of Shani was felt as early as when he opened his eyes for the first time and Surya went into an eclipse.

On the other hand Vishwakarma is not happy with Sanjana’s decision to leave Surya’s house and advises her to return. She then flees to the continent, Uttarakuru, in the guise of a mare to keep her identity safe from her father and husband. She engages herself in ascetic observances.

Yama, Yami and Shani grow up together. Chhaya behaves partially with Yama and Yami, taking more care of Shani. Yama notices the difference. One day, in anger he lifts his leg to strike Chhaya who in retaliation instantly curses him that his uplifted leg will fall immediately. The scared Yama goes to Surya and narrates the entire incident. It is now that Surya suspects something wrong since an unruly son can consider hitting his mother but no mother can ever think of cursing her child. He confronts Chhaya and even threatens her with curse. She does not have any option but to tell the truth.

Surya goes to Vishwakarma in search of his beloved wife who tells him that Sanjana in not with him. He also requests Sun to decrease his effulgence, even if a bit. Surya relents and since then he bears only the sixteenth portion of his radiation. Surya eventually finds Sanjana grazing grass in the form of a mare. He, too, takes the disguise of a stallion and is able to woo her back. The couple returns home happy.

Shani was infuriated with Surya for he was almost about to curse her. He could not tolerate this attitude of his father towards his mother and decided to achieve power more than that of his father. Advised by Surya himself, Shani goes to Kashi to perform the ‘abhisheka’ and worship Lord Shiva by making a ‘parthivalinga’. The unlimited tolerance and great determination of Shani was seen during his ‘tapa’ to please Lord Shiva. He started by giving up on food and took only air as his food. Eventually he left breathing also. He simply kept praying to Lord Shiva who did get pleased by his great penance. As a blessing he made Shani the chief justice amongst all the planets. He entrusted him with the responsibility of meting out appropriate results for all the deeds of all human beings during their lifetime. Lord Shiva also mentioned that this rule will apply to everyone: the lesser gods, sages, demigods, gods, trinities, the humans and every other living beings in all the 7 worlds. Even Sarveshwara (Lord Shiva himself) should not be exempted. Shani agreed and began his duties sincerely and has been continuing ever since.

An example of his sincerity is seen when he actually went to Lord Shiva to afflict him. The latter challenged him that if Shani could find him then he was free to afflict Lord Shiva. Saying this, he immediately vanished while Shani waited patiently. After seven and a half minutes when Lord Shiva returned he said that he was hiding inside a donkey since he was one of the trinities it is not possible to afflict him. To this Shani, with all due respect, said that it was only because of Shani’s gaze that even Lord Shiva had to hide inside a donkey. Lord Shiva was immensely pleased with Shani and gave him the designation of an ‘eeshwar’.

Friends, this is the version I am familiar with which may be lacking in details or may even be a little deviating from original story, since I have not read the original text, and have just a working knowledge of the same. Please feel free to point out the problem areas, if any.  

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Jupiter is the most Benefic planet of this Zodiac. It is the significator of knowledge, wisdom, children, wealth, fortune etc. The wisdom that Jupiter gives us is in the philosophical plane not like the day to day cleverness which mercury gives. It is said that Jupiter can remove thousands of dosha of a kundli with its aspect only. In judging a chart we should always give special attention to Jupiter and Saturn. If both of these two planets are weak then it becomes very difficuilt to become successful and even if you become successful, it is very difficult to sustain that success. Jupiter Rules over Dhanu and Meen Rashi.

Jupiter signifies the good things that come to you easily and

with little effortthis is the planet of “free lunch.” When Jupiter is prominent in your horoscope you tend to be well liked and popular, friendly, broadminded, and cheerful, successful in career and business. Jupiter is the planet of blessingsblessings we must learn to use wisely.


Jupiter in Aries: - Aries is the sign of Mars. Jupiter and Mars is Friend. So it is a good placement for Jupiter. It indicates a progressive, ambitious single minded person. Confidence and optimism of Mars coupled with knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter will make you very focused towards your goal or vision. They can be benefitted with inheritance. It will make you self-confident and very independent and you will not like to follow other people words. In this course, you may need to overcome lot of enemies or oppositions. You will be generous, dignified and honest. This position of Jupiter helps you to come in touch with influential people of the society and getting help from them in your career. You will have liking for literature, religion, traveling etc. you can be benefitted thru speculations, investment or share market. But this position of Jupiter may make you extravagant some time.
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The Most Popular book on Vedic astrology is Brihat Parashari Hora sastra written by great sage Maharshi Parashara. This is called the bible of modern day astrology. In the second chapter of his Book, he has said that every incarnation of God is the representation of one or another planet. 9 planets is connected with 9 incarnations of Lord Vishnu as per Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra.

Sun- The Rama Avatar is represented by Sun. Sun is the King. Sun is the Soul. It is the Light which removes all the darkness. Similarly Ram is the ideal King. No one can be compared with Rama as a King. He was born in a Royal family, in the surya Vansha. He removed the darkness by killing the demon Ravana. His charming yet royal personality, his knowledge all these qualities are very similar with the qualities of Sun

Moon- The Krishna Avatar is represented by Moon. Moon is the Mind, the intelligence. It is a sweet planet. Similarly Lord Krishna is very sweet yet powerful. His main strength is his intelligence. In the Mahabharata war, he did not used his weapon yet he was the main reason of Pandavas win. Moon does not have any enemy but Few planet consider moon as their enemy. This is also ironic. Krishna does not consider any one as his enemy but there were few persons who considered him as his enemy.

Mercury- The Buddha Avatar is represented by Mercury. Mercury is a ideal Student and it stands for learning. He can be a good Teacher also. Buddha taught us humanity and mankind.

Mars-The Narsimha Avatar is represented by Mars. Mars is the aggression, the energy, the driving force within us. He is the commander of god. In this Avatar he killed demon Hiranyakasshyap to rescue Prahlad. Like Mars Lord Narsimha is full of Anger and aggressiveness.

Jupiter-The Vaman Avatar is represented by Jupiter. Jupiter is learned satwik Brahmin and Guru of god.Jupiter is the Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence etc. Lord took this Avatar to kill demon Bali. Bali was a demon yet very generous and a great giver. But he was very proud of himself. He used to think that no one is a big giver than him. Pride can be defeated with humbleness. Lord took the incarnation as a Vaman. Vaman means a person of very short height. A very learned dwarf yet humble is the Vaman Avatar.

Venus- The Parasuram Avatar is represented by Venus. Venus is also a Brahmin but he is the Guru of Demons. He is also very learned but he is not satwik like jupiter. He is Rajasik in nature. He is the spirit of enjoyment. In Parasuram Avatar, Parasuram was a brahmin yet his nature was not like other sages. His nature was very much like a warrior and king.

Saturn-The Kurma Avatar is represented by saturn. Saturn likes hard work and discipline. After hard work it gives the sweet fruit of it. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Kurma to support the moutain during the churning of sea. This symbolizes the hard work and discipline. The nectar which came out at the end of the churning is equal to the end result of our hardwork. If some one has very strong saturn, he will be very hardworking.

Rahu- Varah Avatar is represented by Rahu. In this Avatar Lord Killed Demon Hiranyaksha in the form of a boar. Hiranyakshya had stolen the earth and he had hidden it under the sea. Varah killed hiranyaksha and rescued the earth. Rahu is perhaps that pioneering spirit which woke up the earth from slumber of peace and tranquility and made it lively in the materialistic context. It brought in passion and a beastly attitude like a roaring boar. Rahu takes you back to sustain life on earth by driving you to earthly attractions.

Ketu-Ketu represents Matsya Avatar. In this Avatar, Lord Vishnu took the form of a giant fish to rescue first human Manu, Vedas and some sages from great flood. Ketu is the spirituality and occult science. a person with very strong ketu will love Vedas. So in this way Matsya Avatar and ketu may be connected.

There is one confusion.There are total 10 Avatar. Great Sage Parashar has said about 9 avatars but is silent about the 10th Avatar or Kalki Avatar.

Hope this information will be useful for the beginners.  If any one wants, can contribute in this and will be highly appreciated.


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Virgo is one of the most mysterious Sign. Mercury is the lord of this sign. It is the sixth house of natural zodiac which is the house of law and justice. The sign of this house is a Maiden.

Here we get the punishment or rewards of our last births maximum. Its Very difficult to understand them. your soul is born to evolve in higher level in this life and this transformation can not come without pain.They often feel very dissatisfied and frustrated.

They have deep, tender emotions and care for others. But you will be perceived completely opposite. You want to think everything logically. you are fixed in opinion but not so inflexible that you will not change your opinion upon reviewing of opposing facts. you are very much hard working. But you may suffer due to excessive zeal and ambition. It is very tough to know you intimately. your shyness and aloofness need to be penetrated before becoming truly close to you. Its hard for you to show your feelings though lot of thing is going on within your mind. you can mingle with person very easily but very difficult to get close to you emotionally. Routine work gives you frustration. You have a inborn business acumen.

You are not very religious or spiritual person but you may take religious practice or meditation to increase your mental capacity. you may have inclination towards artistic and literary works but you would like to keep them as hobby only.

Summing up, These persons are practical, logical, hardworking but very hard to understand truely. Even if they achieve lot of success, they feel dissatisfied and life is like painful for them.
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Leo is the Sign of Sun. Sun is the King. So the persons born with this Lagna poses a big heart. They are very benevolent and kind. They have a great personal magnetism.  They are so magnanimous in spirit that they find it hard to believe ill of others.

Rising-Leos have a great sense of showmanship. You love to put on lavish displays—whether it is decorating your house with expensive and elegant things or dressing in attention-getting clothes or throwing a splendid dinner party. To less flamboyant types you may appear ostentatious, show-offy, and extravagant. But your showy displays are not only to get attention; you see life in larger-than-life terms and aspire to the highest and the best. This quality draws others to you and, in itself, attracts power and influence. That's why so many good actors had born with Lagna.

Leo rising persons are very authoritative. They do not want to work under anyone.  They are born leader. You are efficient at organizing groups of people and inspiring them to give their best. You are happiest in the role of leader. In fact, you feel wounded if your public doesn’t put you in that position. When not given what you feel is your due, you can turn haughty, temperamental, and arrogant. Leo is the sign of pride, and Ascendant natives have

this in abundance. You are self-confident and have a resolute faith in yourself.

Leo-Rising people seem surrounded by luck in money, career, and friendship. You are not an especially hard worker but tend to achieve success through the influence and pull of others. Fame and fortune come to you when you aren’t looking for it.

The Sun, which rules Leo, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of the Sun bestows enthusiasm, generosity, power, warmth, creative self-expression, passion, and courage. It also encourages egotism, arrogance, snobbism, conceit, pomposity, and condescension.

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Cancer or Karkat is a very soft and cool sign. Its ruler is moon.

If you have Cancer rising, you are very sensitive And emotional. There is a reserve about you that is sometimes difficult to penetrate, But underneath is a warm, affectionate, loving, and giving Nature. You are adaptable to different kinds of people even Though you don’t like to make instant friendships. It Takes a while for you to let someone get really close.

Cancer-Rising people are very moody. They are so much fond of change that Their nature is very difficult to be understood. They can be very cool, calculative, cautious and very next moment they can be just opposite. Sometimesyou can be crabby and impatient and exhibit a Snappish temper. You are touchy, and others have to be careful while talking with you. Your sensitivities are so high that you sometimes take offense where none was intended.

You possess great imagination and awareness. Many Cancer Ascendants are extraordinarily gifted as writers, poets, and painters. Cancer Ascendants are also clever with money, prudent and cautious, and have a native shrewdness in business. You know how to make wise investments and where to get the best value. Though you usually have to climb the ladder through your own efforts (rather than the efforts of others), you are likely to accumulate material success as the years go by.

You want public recognition for your talents. You have a tendency to complain that the world does not appreciate you, but your complaint is usually an effort to win reassurance that quite the opposite is true.

As a Cancer Ascendant you have obstacles in your path, especially when young. However, as you surmount eachdifficulty and succeed (Cancer Rising has great tenacity of purpose), you become stronger and more self-assured.

The Moon, which rules Cancer, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of the Moon bestows kindness,imagination, sympathy, deep emotion, an ability to cherish and protect, a retentive memory. It also encourageslaziness, inconstancy, restlessness, passivity, and untidiness.

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Gemini is the sign of intellect. The first impressionothers receive of you is ofsomeone in constant motion: your hands gesticulate,your eyes dart here and there, your body does not sit still in

a chair. Restlessness underlies your personality; it is thesymptom of your desire for something that is just beyondyour reach.

You need change and variety. You can be happy and unhappy at the same time, satisfied yetdissatisfied. Of course, this can be said of many people, butin your case you are discontent for a specific reason: You feelyou have not lived up to your potential. You have a natural inclination towards business and law.

A striking characteristic of Gemini-Rising people istheir ability to use words to say exactly what is meant. Toyou, clarity is a tribute that words pay to ideas.You have very good communicative skill. You are well informed, witty, mentally quick. Gemini-Rising peopletend to move into positions of prominence not byforce of will but by their facile way of handling people. 

You generally have good no of friends and social connections. Many of you become actors and writers and are successful in the entertainmentindustry, TV, journalism, and the literary world.

You love puzzles, games, books, and the computer—anything that will amuse and occupy the mind.

There is a basic coolness to the Gemini-Rising love to be with people and appear tohave charming warmth.You travel, change residences and occupations, andoften marry more than once.

The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, is veryprominent in your horoscope. The influence of Mercurybestows a high intellect, acute perceptions, cleverness,adroitness in speaking and writing, and a flair for foreignlanguages.

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