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                           Retrograde Planet



In Astrology we use a Term Retrograde or Vakri. Vakri is a Sanskrit word which means reverse. But what is Retrograde Planet?


When a planet appears to be moving in the opposite direction as compared to its normal movement, it is called a retrograde planet.  But We all know that all the planets are moving around Sun in a uniform direction. So how can a Planet move in backward direction?


It is not possible to change the direction of their movement. Then what is the meaning of retrograde motion or retrogression?


Retrograde planets and its effect is a subject to diversity of opinion. But I will try to give a basic idea about it. To understand retrogression better we should look into the movements of the planets.


In Vedic Astrology all astronomical observations are done considering the earth to be the reference point. This system of observation is called 'geocentric'.  Why Earth? Because all the planets are moving around Sun and as per surya sidhanta even sun is not stable. Sun is moving around the Navi of Vishnu or Vishnu Navi with the entire solar system. The entire universe is part of Narayana or Vishnu and there is millions of solar system like ours in this universe. So we consider earth as the reference point. In any system of measurements, the reference point is considered stationary, though it may actually be moving. This may be like everyone's common experience while sitting in a moving train. If the train you are sitting in passes by another train which is moving in the same direction, but slower than your train, this other train seems to be moving backwards against the backdrop of distant trees. This is so because you consider yourself to be the reference point and hence stationary. Largely, a similar phenomenon takes place with the planets also, when they appear to be moving backwards. In our solar system, the planets are orbiting around the Sun with varying speeds. The earth is also doing likewise. So if in a certain time they come in a position at the orbit that they appear to be going backward from earth and that is what retrogression. That planet in that particular time is called retrograde planet.

Sun and Moon never becomes Retrograde or Vakri and Rahu and Ketu is always Vakri.


Mercury can go a maximum of 27 degrees form the Sun and Venus cannot go beyond 47 degrees from the Sun. They are called Inner planets. Among them Mercury becomes retrograde or Vakri very often. But Venus does not necessarily become retrograde every year. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are called the outer planet. Jupiter and Saturn becomes retrograde once in a year.


Effects of Retrograde or Vakri planet: SomeAstrologers are of the opinion  that retrograde planets causes the influence of the plaets to reverse.Somealso state that effect of retrograde planet wll be one sign aead of the posited sign. But effects of Vakri graha needsa separte and detailed discussion wich we wll d in the 2nd part.



Jupiter is the most Benefic planet of this Zodiac. It is the significator of knowledge, wisdom, children, wealth, fortune etc. The wisdom that Jupiter gives us is in the philosophical plane not like the day to day cleverness which mercury gives. It is said that Jupiter can remove thousands of dosha of a kundli with its aspect only. In judging a chart we should always give special attention to Jupiter and Saturn. If both of these two planets are weak then it becomes very difficuilt to become successful and even if you become successful, it is very difficult to sustain that success. Jupiter Rules over Dhanu and Meen Rashi.

Jupiter signifies the good things that come to you easily and

with little effortthis is the planet of “free lunch.” When Jupiter is prominent in your horoscope you tend to be well liked and popular, friendly, broadminded, and cheerful, successful in career and business. Jupiter is the planet of blessingsblessings we must learn to use wisely.


Jupiter in Aries: - Aries is the sign of Mars. Jupiter and Mars is Friend. So it is a good placement for Jupiter. It indicates a progressive, ambitious single minded person. Confidence and optimism of Mars coupled with knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter will make you very focused towards your goal or vision. They can be benefitted with inheritance. It will make you self-confident and very independent and you will not like to follow other people words. In this course, you may need to overcome lot of enemies or oppositions. You will be generous, dignified and honest. This position of Jupiter helps you to come in touch with influential people of the society and getting help from them in your career. You will have liking for literature, religion, traveling etc. you can be benefitted thru speculations, investment or share market. But this position of Jupiter may make you extravagant some time.
The Most Popular book on Vedic astrology is Brihat Parashari Hora sastra written by great sage Maharshi Parashara. This is called the bible of modern day astrology. In the second chapter of his Book, he has said that every incarnation of God is the representation of one or another planet. 9 planets is connected with 9 incarnations of Lord Vishnu as per Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra.

Sun- The Rama Avatar is represented by Sun. Sun is the King. Sun is the Soul. It is the Light which removes all the darkness. Similarly Ram is the ideal King. No one can be compared with Rama as a King. He was born in a Royal family, in the surya Vansha. He removed the darkness by killing the demon Ravana. His charming yet royal personality, his knowledge all these qualities are very similar with the qualities of Sun

Moon- The Krishna Avatar is represented by Moon. Moon is the Mind, the intelligence. It is a sweet planet. Similarly Lord Krishna is very sweet yet powerful. His main strength is his intelligence. In the Mahabharata war, he did not used his weapon yet he was the main reason of Pandavas win. Moon does not have any enemy but Few planet consider moon as their enemy. This is also ironic. Krishna does not consider any one as his enemy but there were few persons who considered him as his enemy.

Mercury- The Buddha Avatar is represented by Mercury. Mercury is a ideal Student and it stands for learning. He can be a good Teacher also. Buddha taught us humanity and mankind.

Mars-The Narsimha Avatar is represented by Mars. Mars is the aggression, the energy, the driving force within us. He is the commander of god. In this Avatar he killed demon Hiranyakasshyap to rescue Prahlad. Like Mars Lord Narsimha is full of Anger and aggressiveness.

Jupiter-The Vaman Avatar is represented by Jupiter. Jupiter is learned satwik Brahmin and Guru of god.Jupiter is the Knowledge, wisdom, intelligence etc. Lord took this Avatar to kill demon Bali. Bali was a demon yet very generous and a great giver. But he was very proud of himself. He used to think that no one is a big giver than him. Pride can be defeated with humbleness. Lord took the incarnation as a Vaman. Vaman means a person of very short height. A very learned dwarf yet humble is the Vaman Avatar.

Venus- The Parasuram Avatar is represented by Venus. Venus is also a Brahmin but he is the Guru of Demons. He is also very learned but he is not satwik like jupiter. He is Rajasik in nature. He is the spirit of enjoyment. In Parasuram Avatar, Parasuram was a brahmin yet his nature was not like other sages. His nature was very much like a warrior and king.

Saturn-The Kurma Avatar is represented by saturn. Saturn likes hard work and discipline. After hard work it gives the sweet fruit of it. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Kurma to support the moutain during the churning of sea. This symbolizes the hard work and discipline. The nectar which came out at the end of the churning is equal to the end result of our hardwork. If some one has very strong saturn, he will be very hardworking.

Rahu- Varah Avatar is represented by Rahu. In this Avatar Lord Killed Demon Hiranyaksha in the form of a boar. Hiranyakshya had stolen the earth and he had hidden it under the sea. Varah killed hiranyaksha and rescued the earth. Rahu is perhaps that pioneering spirit which woke up the earth from slumber of peace and tranquility and made it lively in the materialistic context. It brought in passion and a beastly attitude like a roaring boar. Rahu takes you back to sustain life on earth by driving you to earthly attractions.

Ketu-Ketu represents Matsya Avatar. In this Avatar, Lord Vishnu took the form of a giant fish to rescue first human Manu, Vedas and some sages from great flood. Ketu is the spirituality and occult science. a person with very strong ketu will love Vedas. So in this way Matsya Avatar and ketu may be connected.

There is one confusion.There are total 10 Avatar. Great Sage Parashar has said about 9 avatars but is silent about the 10th Avatar or Kalki Avatar.

Hope this information will be useful for the beginners.  If any one wants, can contribute in this and will be highly appreciated.


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