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Virgo is one of the most mysterious Sign. Mercury is the lord of this sign. It is the sixth house of natural zodiac which is the house of law and justice. The sign of this house is a Maiden.

Here we get the punishment or rewards of our last births maximum. Its Very difficult to understand them. your soul is born to evolve in higher level in this life and this transformation can not come without pain.They often feel very dissatisfied and frustrated.

They have deep, tender emotions and care for others. But you will be perceived completely opposite. You want to think everything logically. you are fixed in opinion but not so inflexible that you will not change your opinion upon reviewing of opposing facts. you are very much hard working. But you may suffer due to excessive zeal and ambition. It is very tough to know you intimately. your shyness and aloofness need to be penetrated before becoming truly close to you. Its hard for you to show your feelings though lot of thing is going on within your mind. you can mingle with person very easily but very difficult to get close to you emotionally. Routine work gives you frustration. You have a inborn business acumen.

You are not very religious or spiritual person but you may take religious practice or meditation to increase your mental capacity. you may have inclination towards artistic and literary works but you would like to keep them as hobby only.

Summing up, These persons are practical, logical, hardworking but very hard to understand truely. Even if they achieve lot of success, they feel dissatisfied and life is like painful for them.

Leo is the Sign of Sun. Sun is the King. So the persons born with this Lagna poses a big heart. They are very benevolent and kind. They have a great personal magnetism.  They are so magnanimous in spirit that they find it hard to believe ill of others.

Rising-Leos have a great sense of showmanship. You love to put on lavish displays—whether it is decorating your house with expensive and elegant things or dressing in attention-getting clothes or throwing a splendid dinner party. To less flamboyant types you may appear ostentatious, show-offy, and extravagant. But your showy displays are not only to get attention; you see life in larger-than-life terms and aspire to the highest and the best. This quality draws others to you and, in itself, attracts power and influence. That's why so many good actors had born with Lagna.

Leo rising persons are very authoritative. They do not want to work under anyone.  They are born leader. You are efficient at organizing groups of people and inspiring them to give their best. You are happiest in the role of leader. In fact, you feel wounded if your public doesn’t put you in that position. When not given what you feel is your due, you can turn haughty, temperamental, and arrogant. Leo is the sign of pride, and Ascendant natives have

this in abundance. You are self-confident and have a resolute faith in yourself.

Leo-Rising people seem surrounded by luck in money, career, and friendship. You are not an especially hard worker but tend to achieve success through the influence and pull of others. Fame and fortune come to you when you aren’t looking for it.

The Sun, which rules Leo, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of the Sun bestows enthusiasm, generosity, power, warmth, creative self-expression, passion, and courage. It also encourages egotism, arrogance, snobbism, conceit, pomposity, and condescension.

Cancer or Karkat is a very soft and cool sign. Its ruler is moon.

If you have Cancer rising, you are very sensitive And emotional. There is a reserve about you that is sometimes difficult to penetrate, But underneath is a warm, affectionate, loving, and giving Nature. You are adaptable to different kinds of people even Though you don’t like to make instant friendships. It Takes a while for you to let someone get really close.

Cancer-Rising people are very moody. They are so much fond of change that Their nature is very difficult to be understood. They can be very cool, calculative, cautious and very next moment they can be just opposite. Sometimesyou can be crabby and impatient and exhibit a Snappish temper. You are touchy, and others have to be careful while talking with you. Your sensitivities are so high that you sometimes take offense where none was intended.

You possess great imagination and awareness. Many Cancer Ascendants are extraordinarily gifted as writers, poets, and painters. Cancer Ascendants are also clever with money, prudent and cautious, and have a native shrewdness in business. You know how to make wise investments and where to get the best value. Though you usually have to climb the ladder through your own efforts (rather than the efforts of others), you are likely to accumulate material success as the years go by.

You want public recognition for your talents. You have a tendency to complain that the world does not appreciate you, but your complaint is usually an effort to win reassurance that quite the opposite is true.

As a Cancer Ascendant you have obstacles in your path, especially when young. However, as you surmount eachdifficulty and succeed (Cancer Rising has great tenacity of purpose), you become stronger and more self-assured.

The Moon, which rules Cancer, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of the Moon bestows kindness,imagination, sympathy, deep emotion, an ability to cherish and protect, a retentive memory. It also encourageslaziness, inconstancy, restlessness, passivity, and untidiness.

Gemini is the sign of intellect. The first impressionothers receive of you is ofsomeone in constant motion: your hands gesticulate,your eyes dart here and there, your body does not sit still in

a chair. Restlessness underlies your personality; it is thesymptom of your desire for something that is just beyondyour reach.

You need change and variety. You can be happy and unhappy at the same time, satisfied yetdissatisfied. Of course, this can be said of many people, butin your case you are discontent for a specific reason: You feelyou have not lived up to your potential. You have a natural inclination towards business and law.

A striking characteristic of Gemini-Rising people istheir ability to use words to say exactly what is meant. Toyou, clarity is a tribute that words pay to ideas.You have very good communicative skill. You are well informed, witty, mentally quick. Gemini-Rising peopletend to move into positions of prominence not byforce of will but by their facile way of handling people. 

You generally have good no of friends and social connections. Many of you become actors and writers and are successful in the entertainmentindustry, TV, journalism, and the literary world.

You love puzzles, games, books, and the computer—anything that will amuse and occupy the mind.

There is a basic coolness to the Gemini-Rising love to be with people and appear tohave charming warmth.You travel, change residences and occupations, andoften marry more than once.

The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, is veryprominent in your horoscope. The influence of Mercurybestows a high intellect, acute perceptions, cleverness,adroitness in speaking and writing, and a flair for foreignlanguages.

If you have Taurus rising you tend to be placid and easy-going. You also have charming social

manners and a strong artistic bent, as the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and aesthetics.

You want to create beauty and harmony in your life, and many Taurus Ascendants have a flair for writing, decorating, or composing music.

Taurus-Rising people don’t push their opinions on others. On the other hand, once you make up your mind (after due deliberation), you rarely change it. You hold on to your opinions and can be very stubborn and obstinate.

You are also quite set in your ways, though this is not always apparent at first. Doing things the same way you have always done them gives you a sense of stability, and this is a fundamental need. you may eat the same breakfast day in and day out; if you are fond of a particular colour (possibly in the blue or rose family, which are Taurean colours ), you may use it repeatedly in your clothes and throughout your house.

 Taurus-Rising people have a reputation for laziness. It is true that you love comforts, elegance, luxury, physical ease, and lots of leisure. However, you can and do work very hard, especially if motivated by the promise of money or by the approval of someone you love.

Determined, persistent, and strong-willed, you possess endless patience to see a thing through to make it a success.

Taurus is the sign of wealth and material possessions, both of which are extremely important to you. Owning things can sometimes become a mania; you covet possessions and once you own something you guard it jealously and are heartbroken should you lose it. You never resign yourself to the fact that things break, tear, wear out, get lost, and are stolen.

In relationships, as well, you tend to be jealous and possessive, although you are adept at hiding this. One of your weak points is your vanity, and you rarely forgive anyone who ridicules you. Having to cope with rivalry is hard for you.

The planet Venus, which rules Taurus, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of Venus bestows grace; charm; a love of pleasure, art, and adornment; and social awareness. It also encourages overindulgence, superficiality,jealousy, and conceit

When the Aries sign is rising in the east horizon the native is said to be born in Aries ascendant. Aries is a hot and fiery sign. Mars is the ruler of this sign.

 Mars is the planet of bravery, fighting spirit, competition, sports etc. All these qualities are found in the Aries ascendant people. They are very brave and competitive in nature. They are very straight forward. They generally do not bow down to someone easily.  They are very generous. Even people take advantage of their generosity sometime.  They usually poses authority in their behavior and work and like to work as an administrator. They usually take quick decisions.  They generally do not believe in the traditional religion or moral. They are very active and enthusiastic. Aries is a very strong ascendant. If you were

born with Aries rising, you are adventurous and pioneering. You like to take on the role of a leader, even if the leadership is in a small area. For example, in your friendships you are the one who tries to dictate where you will meet, what restaurant or movie you will go to etc. They are most domineering and ego-cantered As an Aries-Ascendant person you have strong likes and dislikes and are never shy about expressing them.

Your dealings are straightforward and honest. You are uncomfortable with lies, fraud, and elaborate deceptions. You Will always try to get right to the point, say whatever is on Your mind. You are an activist rather than a thinker. Warm, generous, Lively, you have a very friendly people-oriented quality.

You like to be noticed. Sometimes Rising-Aries people have a reputation as Trouble makers. This is not because you are malicious (quite the opposite is true). But you like to throw off old, conservative ways of doing things and try a new, brasher, more direct approach. You plunge right into whatever the problem is and give it your best. As far as you obstacles are just there to be butted down. You have the exuberance, verve, and energy. Once you master an idea, you wont stick around until all the how-to-do-its are in place.

Aries-Ascendant people are accident-prone. Because you are impulsive and quick to rush in headlong, you usually don’t look where you are going.

The planet Mars, which rules Aries, is very prominent in your chart. The influence of Mars bestows great willpower, stamina, an aggressive sex drive, and a need for achievement and recognition. It also brings on strain, tension, conflict, selfishness, a quick temper, and accidents with fire and sharp instruments.

The most important thing in checking a horoscope is the Ascendant.The sign which rise in the east horizon at a particular time is known as the Ascendant sign.

The degree which is above the horizon is known as the ascendant degree. The constellation which is rising at that time is known is the constellation of the ascendant.

In twenty four hour the entire rasi chakra traverse the Earth once. If the Nakshatra and rasi chakra was visible in day time also then we could see that after a certain time Each Sign is rising from the east horizon.  As the sign in which moon is placed in the chart tells about the mental condition of a person, in the same way the ascendant tells about the luck and overall well being of a person.

Ascendant is the reference point to start the calculation or analysis of a natal chart. It is taken as the first sign or house and from it we start counting anticlockwise. suppose a person born with Aries ascendant i.e. when he was born Aries sign was rising from the east. so the ascendant will be aries and the first house will be Aries. From Aries we will start counting anticlockwise. so Taurus will be the 2nd house, Gemini will be the 3rd house and so on. Pisces will be the 12th house.

There are three pillers of astrology- Ascendant is the physical body, Moon is the mind and sun is the soul or atma.

Now lets understand the nature of the nine planets.

Nature of the nine Planets 

Each Planet has their own nature and character and to understand the result of a horoscope we must know about the characteristics of each planet.

The Sun: Sun is the King of all the planets. It is the source of light. It removes the darkness.

In astrology it owns the Sign Leo, as communicated in the earlier post. So Leo is known as the sign of throne. Sun is also known as aditya, the son of Aditi (the mother of Gods). Sun is a very hot planet. It is Khatriya by cast. To get good name and fame power of sun is very important. It signifies Government, Politics, Father, Authority, Vitality, Status in life etc. It is known as the indicator of soul or atma. So it is called Atmakarak planet. It represents our Ego. stronger the Sun, bigger the ego, so much in fact that there may be little room for other people to exist in such egoistic brilliance.

It is said to be the son of the sage Kasyapa and his wife Aditi. Sun rides on a celestial chariot having one wheel, and yoked to seven horses. The wheel of this chariot is the wheel of time, which has six spokes, the six seasons. It is benevolent in nature and its color is blood red.

The Sun's metal is gold and his direction is east. His day, of course, is Sunday, and he comes into full maturity after age of 22. His deity is Rudra or Shiva.

The entire Zodiac is of 360 deg and Sun travels it completely within one year. So it travels one deg per day. So he stays in a Sign for one month.

With the Blessing of Sun one can become a high ranking Govt officer, and administrative officer, a political leader, Doctor etc.

The Moon: The Moon in Vedic astrology is called Chandra. Chandra means "bright and shining". It has another name-Some. Its day is Monday.Moon is a very cool planet. It signifies our Mind. It controls our Emotions and sensitivity. One can achieve so much in life if he has good mental strength. That is why Moon is very important in chart. It rules over the sign Cancer. It is the significator of Mother or Motherly figure.   The sign in which moon is placed during the time of birth is known as our Rashi. The Nakshtra in which moon stays at the birth time is known as Janma Nakshtra.

Sage Parasara says about the Moon "The Moon is very white and phlegmatic. She is learned and has a round body. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickleminded and very lustful”.

It has a phenomenon of waxing and waning. It is strong in night, most powerful on the night of full moon.It controls the liquid elements. Its metal is silver.

It is the queen of the planetary cabinet. So when it is very strong, one do not have to strive for status. It signifies fame, beauty, perfume, intelligence, women, arts and music, pleasure etc.  If it is strong one can become medical representative, physian, public relationship officer, artist etc.

Mars: Mars is also known as Mangal or Kuja. Mangal means Auspicious. It is known as the soldier of the planetary cabinet. It obeys the order of the King. It’s a fighter. So a martian person will be a great fighter. They can be easily found in army and Police. It is the protector of Dharma.

It is a hot and fiery planet. Its day is Tuesday. It rules over two signs-Aries (Mes) and Scorpio (Brischik).Sage Parasara says of him; "Mars has blood-red eyes, is fickle minded, liberal, bilious, given to anger and has thin waist and thin physique." It signifies Brother, Land, Valour, aggressiveness, fighting spirit, blood, engineering, passion, conflict, ambition etc. When Mars is very strong a person can become commander of army, police, surgeon, mechanical engineer, property dealer etc.  

Mercury: It is also known as Budha. It is the Prince in the planetary kingdom. It is like a young tall guy with red and broad eyes, full of intellect and communication skill who loves all sort of luxary.In Vedic myth Mercury is born of the Moon. One myth recounts how the Moon, overcome with lust, abducts Tara, the wife of Brihaspati, or Jupiter. Out of their union Budha, or Mercury is born. Thus the intellect is born of the mind. There is a relationship of enmity between the Moon and Mercury that belies a deep truth. The Moon is innocent in its observation, while Mercury is evaluative and discriminating in its observation. Parasara describes him; "Mercury is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes..."

Its day is Wednesday.By cast vaishya. It rules over two sign of Zodiac-Gemini (Mithun), Virgo (Kanya).

It signifies education, all sorts of trade and commerce, intellect, communication skill, mathematics, astrology and astronomy etc. In these modern day, this is very important and wealth giving planet. A person with strong mercury can be seen in the field of finance, marketing, business etc.

Jupitor: Jupitor is also known as Brihaspati. It is known as the Guru. It is the most benefic planet. It signifies Knowledge, Wisdom, Dharma. It shows us the path of spiritualization. It is Brahmin by cast.

Its day is Thursday. It owns two sign of Zodiac-Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meena).

If Jupiter is prominently placed in a person's natal horoscope then he will give a certain jovial and optimistic expression. He brings a great amount of luck, and even if there are adverse indications in the chart, a strategically placed Jupiter will often bring last minute redemption. It signifies wealth, Child, optimism, Wisdom, Husband in case of women, Fortune, Kindness, generosity, ethics, morality etc

Generally if Jupiter is very strong a person can become Teacher, Professor, Banking executive, Spiritual Guru, finance and consulting etc.

Venus:Venus is also known as Sukra. As Jupiter is the Guru of Devatas, Venus is the Guru of Demons. It is Brahmin by cast. It signifies Luxury, worldly pleasure, comfort, love, romance, marriage, sex, fashion, Vehicle etc.

Its day is Friday. It rules over two sign of Zodiac-Taurus (Brish) and Libra (Tula).

It plays a vital role in marriage and married life. It is sensual in nature. It gives a charming and attractive personality.

Persons of venusian nature can be seen as fashion designer, cinema actor, writer, music related fields etc.

Saturn:  Saturn is known as Shani. It means Slow. It is the servant of the planetary cabinet. But it is the most dreaded planet among the general people. It gives us the result of our Karma. So saturns position in natal chart gives a indication about our karma in the past life.

Its day is Saturday. It is Sudra by cast. Its color is dark. It rules over the two sign of Zodiac-Capricorn and Aquarius.

It is the Son of Ravi. But it has a bitter enmity with Sun. It signifies sorrows, sufferings, Hardwork, labour, spirituality, longevity, discipline etc.Sage Parasara says of Saturn, "Saturn has an emaciated and long physique, has tawny eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent and lame and has coarse hair"

Saturn teaches us the true meaning of life. After grinding in the sorrows and suffering of life, we turn into a pure heart like gold.We realizes the actual meaning of life. So the easiest way to get rid of the rage of Saturn is to walk in the way of honesty. The most important thing about Saturn is that it creates delay but it never denies. After lot of hard work and labour when we become frustrated at that time it gives us the result. If it is strong it can make a person great philosopher, tapasi, a noble person, politician etc.

Dear Friends Now We are all set to start the interesting Journey of Chart Reading. One thing I can beat from my personal experience that as much as you will read and go in deep of this subject, you will feel the subject more interesting. It is a kind of addiction which is more difficult to leave than smoking even :-) . So without wasting any more time lets go straight to the subject.

Our Entire Zodiac is of 360 degree.  It is Divided in 12 rasis-Aries(Mesh), Tauraus(Brisha),Gemini(Mithun),Cancer(Karkat), Leo(Simha), Virgo(Kanya), Libra (Tula) , Scorpio(Vishchik), Saggitarious(Dhanu), Capricorn(Makar), Aquarious(Kumbh), Pisces(Meen). Each Rashi is of 30 Degree.

There are nine planets and 27 constellations in the zodiac as per the hindu astrology.  The nine Planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupitor, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The 12 Rashis have been Allotted to different Planets.

They are known as the Owner of these Zodiac Rashi or Signs.













Rahu and Ketu have not been allotted any Sign.

As we see from the above that Sun and Moon have been considered as planets due to their prominent impact on human affairs.

Every Planets except Sun & Moon have been assigned to Signs. Among These Two Sign one is know as own house and another one is known as the Mooltrikona House.

What is the difference between own house and mooltrikona house ? we will discuss little bit later.

Now I will tell you the name of 27 constellation or Nakshatra. These Nakshatras are

Sl No























Poorva Phalguni


Uttar Phalguni
















Poorva Ashda


Uttar Ashada








Poorva Bhadrapad


Uttar Bhadrapad



 Each Nakshatra extends of 13 deg 20 minute. For example the first Nakshatra Aswini extends from 00 deg 00 minute of Mesh rasi to 13 deg 20 minute of Mesh rasi, Bharani extends from 13 deg 20 mint to 26 deg 40 minute Mesh and Krittika Extends from 26 deg 40 minute of Mesh Rashi to 10 deg 00 minute of Brisha Rasi and So on.

Longitudinal Span of Each Rasi being 30 deg and Each Nakshatra Being 13 deg 20 minute, Each Rashi contains 2-1/4 Nakshatra.

The divine science of Vedic astrology is gift to mankind from ancient sages.It unfolds uncertainties of life, reduces tension and   help us to move in the right direction.It deals with various aspects of human life such as health, wealth, Mind, status etc.As the movement of Sun and Moon brings high tide and Low tide, in the same way the stars  influences human being.

Vedic means from Vedas. Veda means Knowledge. In our Hindu shastra, there are 4 Vedas which are the store houses of knowledge. Our ancient "Rishis" have written the Vedas and shastras approximately 4000 years ago to preserve the wisdom      and knowledge for the future.Vedic knowledge is majorly subdivided in six branches and these are called Vedangas.  It is part of one of these Vedangas, which is called jyotish. That is why it is known as the eyes of Vedas.("jyoti" means eye or light and "ish" has come from "ishwara" which means God or nature)

Origin of Vedic Astrology

This is very difficult to say how and when this concept started.If we go with our ancient scriptures, Lord Gnesha invented this method of Jyotish. So Lord Ganesha/Ganapathi is the deity for learning astrology. In the atharba Veda which was written  4000- 5000 yrs. ago has some stanza over jyotish. Some researcher says that there is brief description in Rigveda also.Ancient sages wrote large works on astrology in Sanskrit language. But the sad part is that, oral tradition was convention for learning. So sages memorised everything and very little was put into writing. Among all the ancient texts "Brihat Parasari Hora Shastra" written by Maharshi Parasar is treated as the bible to the present astrologers.It is the first authentic book written on astrology.   But it is Varahmihira who actually spread this subject.He was the most famous astrologer of ancient time. He had summarized    all the astrological and astronomical knowledge available at that time in books like brihatjatak, Brihat samhita etc. These books  are still being followed.Some other great works from where the principles are mainly derived are Bhrigu Sanhita written by Maharshi Bhrigu,Saravali by kalyan Verma etc.

In ancient india Astrology and astronomy was not separate from each other and a good astrologer was bound to be a good astronomer too. Varahmihira wrote a very beautiful book on surya sidhanta which is on astronomy. Many great writings have been lost for ever during the muslim attack in india.So we can conclude in this way that Divine source like Bhagban Ganesh has given this knowledge to Rishis like Parashar, Bhrigu etc and from them the knowledge came to the ancient astrologers Varahmihira, Kalyan Verma etc and from them it has come to us.


Few Important books of Indian astrology is as below

  • Brihat Parasari Hora Shastra
  • Bhrigu Samhita
  • Jataka parijat
  • Saravali
  • Brihat Jatak
  • Laghu Parasari Hora
  • Phaladeepika


Difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology

Western astrology is Mainly Sun Sign Astrology. It categorizes people into 12 groups according to their birth Month.Some people may be convinced that people born in same month will certainly share some qualities but it does not seem to be very logical. There are too many people born in the same month who are completely different from each other. Vedic Astrology whereas deals with the position of planets and stars in the sky to calculate different events of a persons life. Western astrology do not count Rahu and ketu as a planet and takes urenas, neptune and pluto as a planet. But vedic astrology do not include them. 

It mainly constitutes of Sign, planetory period, Nakshtra and ascendant. You must be interested to know about Ascendant. Please read  This is a very strong tool for future prediction. Different planets have different nature character which you can read from my article on nature of planets-  But this strong tool has seen many ups and downs in its journey from the hut of hermit to the modern era. For enriching any science continuous research is required to build new formula on the basis of old ones. We also need to focus on the research of vedic astrology to make it better, smooth transformations suiting to the changing priorities of our society.

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