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Hi Friends, We often feel confused when we see a Retrograde planet in a chart. Very few texts have discussed about it in details. I am trying to give you all some amount of idea about it. In my earlier post i have discussed about What is retrogression and What is general effect of Retrograde Planet. Retrograde planet, which is often known as Vakri planet, generally bring some amount of unfulfilled desire from the past life. We need to learn the karmic Lessons attached with that planet in this life. If the Atmakarka Planet is retrograde then we have to understand that the unfulfilled desire is very intense and from several past life.

Retrogression or Vakri is most probably the most confusing aspect in astrology. In this part we will explore some concept about it and meanings with regards to our past lives. Retrograde Planet is very helpful in discovering our past life information.  We have some unfulfilled work related to the significations of the Retrograde planet of our chart which we need to fulfill in this birth and in course we need to learn some karmic lesson out of it.

Effect of  Retrograde planet and Karmic Lessons

In our Birth chart Retrograde planet is marked as (R). So check your chart and which ever planet is having this symbol is vakri or in retrogression. Now Lets explain each planet.

Mars Retrograde: What is Mars ? Mars is the Planet of War. It signifies anger, courage, aggression etc.  So when it is Vakri or Retrograde, it denotes that perhaps in your last birth you were a soldier or military and you did something regretful under pressure of your superior. For that anguish and guilt feeling you were not being able to deal with your anger. Sometime you will not be able to understand from where this anger is coming but the outburst will be in an inappropriate way.

As you have misused the power or the energy in your past life, you need to learn to deal with it in this life. The energy of Mars is usually directed into either positive, direct, aggressive action in life, or into the areas of sexual gratification, temper, or violence. The location of the retrograde Mars, according to house position and sign, would differentiate what what qualities will be delivered. Often, house position and sign involvement tend to stress certain qualities of a planet more than others.Negative character traits of Mars could include an animalistic nature, an over-sensual character, a rash, impulsive, violent temper. Negative Mars, retrograde or direct, brings an offensive nature to the native of the chart, who would also be prone to accidents.

Mercury Retrograde: Mercury is the significator of Communication, Logic, grasping ability, intelligence etc. So when Mercury is retrograde in chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding communication needs to be understand in this life. It denotes that the persons thought, communication skill or thinking process was impractical and impulsive in past life. This created lots of confusion and chaotic situation.

The native will find that the manner in which he communicates to others is not proper and he has tendency taking impractical approach to life .This is actually being repeated from the past lifetime.So in this life, you need to learn communication skill and need to be logical in your thinking. With mercury retrograde person tries to become too perfect and hence may become frustrated.Very few can reach perfection. There can be also a tendency to judge others in comparison to himself which may bring disappointment also. They should believe in their intelligence and communication skill. They should try public speaking and group discussion as much as possible.

With retrograde mercury in chart it is also possible that, you were a writer in your past life. You may have some writing ability in this life also. It is very important for these persons to conduct himself for the right manner in the right direction.

Jupiter Retrograde:  Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, expansion, wealth etc. If the Jupiter is retrograde in chart. If the Jupiter is retrograde we can assume that in your past life you have not been able to achieve self development. You remained the same person throughout the entire life. So in this life you need to use your free will and need to be more active. for achieving success in life. You have to learn this lesson. You can not remain as a slave in the hand of fate anymore.

It is also possible that you might have been troubled for your religious or spiritual beliefs. So you are afraid of guiding some one in this life. You do not want to be blamed for any consequences. you have become skeptical. If Jupiter's retrograde is in your chart, you are likely to be the type of person who is always searching for ethics and values. You constantly seek truth and deeper meaning in life. Ritual becomes very important to you. You suffer from feeling the lack of spiritual fulfillment.You strive to find the right spiritual balance.

Retrograde Jupiter some time also mean that the native was probably a drunkard in his past life, a very biased and prejudiced person.This tendency come in this life too. This would be inner trait and the character which would drive the native.

Venus Retrograde: Venus is the planet of luxury, comfort, beauty, spirit of joy, romance etc. When Venus is retrograde in birth chart it denotes that in past life you may have misbehaved with your spouse. You were not loyal. You had not tried to understand the value of relationship. So in this life you have to focus in these areas. You are destined to learn lessons regarding Love and relationship. For this reason you may have to face some broken relation ship also. you should be very clear about what you want from your relationship and what you are giving back to your partner. you may choose unusual alliances. You will find it hard to express your love well.

 Saturn Retrograde:Retrograde Saturn in a chart represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past or previous life. The native comes into the current life, with a tendency to carry forward the same goals that he had left unfinished in the previous life. The responsibilities ignored or avoided in the past are the clear indicators with the quality of Sign in which the Saturn is posited in retrogression in the current life.Saturn in retrogression in the Sign Leo shows that the native avoided responsibility of leadership. Hi might have ignored duties towards some fatherly figure.Had it been Sign Cancer, the feeling and those related to mind would have been ignored by the native. It is also possible that he had ignored duties towards mother or motherly figure.

It can also indicate that you were immensely impatient in your last birth. In this life you need to understand the value of patience, responsibility and hard work. Saturn retrograde can make them either workaholic or they will not work at all. They will try to cross the boundaries and limitations. Their hunger for desire, materialistic prosperity is very difficult to appease.

Now Lets Understand what happens when Retrograde planet occupy Upachaya houses

3rd, 6th 10th and 11th is called the Upachaya house. These houses are growth making house. They are very helpful for materilistic gain They are part of Artha trikona and Kama Trikona. Malefic planets like Mars saturn does very well in these houses. But what happens when retrograde planet occupy them ? It is better to have a malefic retrograde planet rather than forward moving malefic. we need to understand that a malefic planet wherever they sit, they will do some harm to the native regarding that house. If saturn is posited in 3rd house, it will do some harm related to the younger sibling. But if the saturn is vakri, it will do much less harm to the sibling. Saturn as a retrograde planet does very well because saturn energy is to create delay and frustration but when it is vakri it creates much less delay. Retrograde saturn in 10th house is a blessing.

Effect of Retrograde planet in transit

When Mercury becomes Vakri in transit, We must be very careful regarding all sort communication whether verbal or written, We should avoid arguments and debates. We should be careful about mobile, computer etc.

What happens during the transit of retrograde Mars ? During the transit, when Mars become Retrograde, the overall atmosphere changes, people have lower physical energy, they get tired and feel stressed more easily and they need more time to relax and recover.The mood, the desires, the initiative, the ambition, they all seem to function on a lower level.

Now Lets discuss the effect of retrograde Venus in transit. When it becomes Vakri we understand the real worth or value of people and things in our life. During this time, feelings are not easily expressed. May face some issue in relationship. The general advise is to focus on older relationships, to try to make them work.We may meet old friends or someone we loved or cared for a long time ago, which might reactivate old feelings, possibly forgotten.

Among all the Retrograde planet, Saturns transit is most important. When saturn becomes vakri one should not expansion of business or starting new venture. We should be careful in regards to signing of agreement. Some people find themselves releived when saturn become retrograde and starts new ventures with full zeal but it becomes wilder ed when Saturn becomes direct as their plan do not materializes. We should remember that

  • Natal Planet should also be checked with retrograde planet.

Lot More to Talk about Retrograde Planet

There are so many things more to discuss about retrograde planet. But all will not accommodate in this single post. So in the next post we will discuss about effect of retrograde planet according to house lordship. We need to discuss the effect of each and every retrograde planet when posited in different houses.

I hope i have been able to give you all some information about Retrograde planet.I welcome your feedback regarding the post.If you Like my Post please sign up to receive the weekly newsletter and interact with me. Please give a like to my FB page here.


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