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Hello friends/ brothers and sisters..


Hope all is going great with peaceful, loveful ..


In my last article I was discussed about Rajyoga meditation and its benefits about it in our day to day busy life .


Today I will bring your attention towards Aspiration of Rajyoga.  


The Science of Yoga is based on one essential belief and awareness that "I am a Soul ,a distinct from the insentient body." This is called 'Soul - Consciousness'.

Now ,just as you satisfactorily know the name ,from,abode and occupation of your worldly father ,even so,you,as an aspirant for yogic communion with our Soul-father (GOD) ,ought to know the self and the Supreme Father.You ought to be enlightened on some of the questions like :'Who am I ? From where have I come on this world drama stage ? What is the ultimate goal of my life ? Where is the Supreme Abode of my Soul-Father ?'etc.,Further ,this knowledge must not be merely literal or scriptural .Rather ,it should be based on one's practical experience ,or personal realization.


The Wonder of Wonders..


A person who does not know his(Soul's) Father and the other truths we have enumerated above ,is like a self made orphan .Even a small child possess the knowledge of his bodily parents.If ,therefore ,a grown -up person does not know the Parent Soul ,it is really a very sad commentary on him to say that he has neglected his one important duty ,namely the study of his knowledge .He ought to know that,just as an ignorant boy,estranged from his worldy parents is incapable of inheriting his parental property ,similarly a soul,ignorant of its Parent Soul and  not in communion with Him is incapable of benefiting from the great inheritance of knowledge ,purity, peace and Bliss.


Therefore ,if one aspires for peace ,one should  be an aspirant of yogic communion or fusion of mind with The Supreme Father.One must be faithful to Him so that one may deserve what one desires.


Let only one ambition always  burn in one's mind-"Now I must seek a communion with my dearest and nearest Supreme Father ,now I must obtain from Him the sacred knowledge of Godly theme :His captivating notes I must now hear ;of His thrilling form I must be seer.

His favourable looks on me must fall ;with His raining Beauty let my heart enthral."


O! Sons of the Supreme Father! Aspire for Him but not in a desultory and half -hearted manner.Let this aspiration be a pinning .For ,is not that Supreme your most Beloved one?


As a lover becomes mad with the longing to see his beloved,as he remains ready to surmount all hurdles in his way in order to surmount all hurdles in his way in order to be able to meet her ,in the same way we need to have a passion to meet our most Beloved God father at the earliest possible moment.


Hope the journey with relationship with our Supreme Soul father..God..will be streted very soon by practicing Rajyoga meditation.The journey for a better life already is knocking at your door.Look who is waiting for you!!! Its now or  never ! 


Thank you all..


Om shanti.


Have a great Sunday !!!

B K Rajyogi Abhijit.

Please feel free to ask !

On Godly spiritual service.


Spiritual journey continues... .

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