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Effects of Retrograde Vakri planet or Retrogression Movement-Part2

May 6 '16 | By Admin | Views: 2031 | Comments: 6

Hi Friends,

In My last post we discussed about what is retrogression and retrograde planet.Now we are going to discuss the effects of vakri graha or retrograde planets in Horoscope which is some time called as Natal chart. If some one do not know what is a Retrograde planet, Please read my earlier post what is retrograde planet

Most of astrologers are of the opinion that a planet produces at least subtle different effect when it is in retrograde motion. Practically retrograde planets seems to affect more in mental plane than the physical or worldly affairs. During the Dasa of a retrograde planet it will be difficuilt to differentiate the results or events but the native who is under the Dasha of a retrograde planet will react to the events differently in comparison to the person who is having dasa of same planet but in direct motion. In my small experience i have seen that though the result of Dasa may not be of much difference but the karakatwa or significations of a retrograde planet suffers a lot. The energy of a planet is allowed to flow normally and the house occupied by the retrograde planet does not function at its best.

When a Planet is retrograde it more close to the earth than usually it is. So its energies are more intense and because of that more effort is required to integrate the energies coming from the vakri planets. Some time it is reverse also. In-fact we use the shadbala technique to have an idea about the strength of a planet. Out of six sources of shadbala, one is chesta Bala. a retrograde planet gets maximum or full chesta Bala where as a direct planet do not get full chesta bala. So Vakri or retrograde status gives endurance, stamina and extra push of will power from the native which required for getting any work done. So if the planet is good by Lordship or Rajyoga or Neech bhanga etc it will give more beneficial result where as if it is fundamentally malefic it will tend to produce more bad result.

 Now Lets Discuss about the Result of each Planet when they are retrograde.

Mars: Mars is the planet of  Action, Fire. He is the warrior or commander. When Mars is retrograde the person will be reluctant to take action. He will wait for the last minute or wait for the situation to become more critical before he takes any action. He will not do it consciously always but he need fire under his belt for taking any action. A native with retrograde mars will move one step then he will stop and again he will gather courage. He restart and gives the final blow and win the conquest.

Mercury: When Mercury is retrograde thinking process is reverse. Direct Mercury likes sequential processing of information where as retrograde mercury will to process non-sequential intuitive processing. so it will affect the signification of Mercury like intelligence, communication skill etc. They will not seem to be very logical in their thinking. Their communication skill will not be very intellectual which direct mercury gives.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the significator of expansion. When Jupiter is retrograde, it is reverse. So it inspires a person to win back what is lost. So often person with a retrograde jupiter is useful to revive any failed project. But this can lead problem in relationship. Because these persons always looks for something better beyond what they are having in current partnership. A problem with jupiter retrograde people is that sometime they fail to respond to the new opportunities timely. Too much Lazyness or optimism may lead to miss obvious benefits.

Venus:When Venus is retrograde, it indicates unusual interest in Love or affairs. Often they are found to be either celibates or the reverse -sexual celebrants. They can swing between opposites. Socially they don't fit into the mainstream. Their expectation from Love is such a high that no body can meet it and so often they have the feeling of not being Loved. Venus retrograde people do not get a good married life often.

Saturn:Saturn is the planet of Limitation, discipline, stability etc. When saturn is retrograde it inspires a person to overcome the limitation or crossing the boundaries. Often people with saturn retrograde becomes more self isolating, monastic etc. They feel like they are alone, no one understand them. So some time they may feel inferiority complex also. Saturn forces repetition until karmic lessons are understood and vakri saturn enforces repetition.

Now Lets take few example. Amitabh Bachhan had retrograde saturn in 4th house. Saturn is the Lagna Lord. In the Dasa of saturn, he bace superstar. Indira Gandhi had Jupiter retrograde and in the Mahadasa of Jupiter her power increased immensely. 

May 7 '16
May 9 '16
Sharmistha..Lagna Lord in 10th makes a person very independent...He wants to achieve something with his own effort. When saturn is in 10th house, it generally create delays in respect to career stability. But as it is retro, it will be more storng and will not make dlay in giving you success. It will help you to achieve your dreamSharmistha..Lagna Lord in 10th makes a person very independent...He wants to achieve something with his own effort. When saturn is in 10th house, it generally create delays in respect to career stabil...See more
May 31 '16
I do have Retrograde Jupiter in lagna with Moon but my ascendent is capricorn.. and currently going through Jupiter Mahadasha, what will be the impact?
Jun 1 '16
JP it is some time said that if the debilitate planet is retro, it gives the result of exaltation. Though i do not buy this logic but as it is with moon and in Lagna, if other factors are favourable, this Mahadasha can be overall good for you
Sep 5 '16
i have retrograde saturn in sixth house mutual aspect with mercury in 12th house as a Leo ascendant with moon and mars in tenth house so what does retrograde do
Ramadoss M
Oct 9 '17
I have Retrograde Saturn in 10th House Libra (22 degrees 18"), Capricon Lagna. Can we consider Saturn as Exalted, as the degree is not 21? if exalted what will be the effect of retrograde? AT present Guru dasha running until 2023.
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