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Hello Friends / Brothers/Sisters..

Hope things are moving smoothly and happyli and have so far a very nice journey.

Moving towards Rajyoga meditation...

So far we have understood that in our day to day busy life we are doing everything for our family which is off course utmost importance for us . In today's time we are doing activities just as a machine..means running everywhere ...with full of tension, depression, forcibly even sometimes shwowing anger at work with the people we are working with ,to gain post /position for success we sometimes don't think about what is right or what wrong for me .Through my acts we are not focussing also that others my gets hurt .Are we so selfish that to gain good post /position, name,fame we have to depend on other means.

We are applying all sorts of things in life to make our Boss to be happy,to impress dear or near one be happy or put our good mark to impress others.Success,happiness,peace,prosperity,love is required in everyone's life .But we are searching other path to get those things in our life just to fulfill our needs,desire,short period happyness in our life .But I am telling dear friends we can not actually feel or realize the above mentioned things without true spirit, I.e ,by making others unhappy, criticising,underestimating..cursing real happy ness,peace love,prosperity can not be achieved .

Rajyoga meditation is the best spiritual technique..I.e,when we be in the conscious that I am Soul,the spiritual light & connects with the supreme Allmighty ..Parampita Paramatma..who is ocean of love ,peace,power,purity, happiness, bliss,ocean of knowledge.. The devine energy will flow to us & you  can really experience the lightness within.

We can then realize that energy of love  , peace,happyness,purity bliss,power flows to our soul and our negative energy from our mind turns into positive energy and we can realize the changes in our activity .

When our state of mind become full of positive energy then just imagine what changes will happen in our day to day life at job,with family .We can feel that if you and the entire working environment become positively charged you can save times,energy,productivity will increase, working place will become place of of love,peace,happiness will flow ...then just imagine relationship will be better among what  more is required in life.

Dear friends I have been practicing Rajyoga meditation at  Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya since more than 6 yrs & I have experienced all relationship with GOD SHIVA..The Allmighty SupremeFather of all SOUL...realized the relationship of Mother,father,teacher,true friends,true lover...many more..because he is ocean of love,peace,purity,happiness, bliss...he gives only unconditional love ,care,happyness,peace which you can not forget once you realize it...

So what are waiting for dear friends...the time has come for you to spend your rest time with full of love,peace,happyness,bliss.. When we change ourselves and see good on everyone the others around us will change automatically...

Practice Rajyoga meditation to make your future full of love,peace happy,prosperity, tension free,anger free ...

The biggest teacher is time and The Allmighty and remember every second is important for you ..

Yesterday has gone ,tomorrow is future but to correct everything which was happened in past as well as may happen in future is to make our present best.

So Wishing you all for better life with spirituality..let's experience Rajyoga meditation & then experience the magic of it in your practical life.

I have realized and realizing every moment GOD's relationship. Its time for you to experience to heal all your problems in your life.

The spiritual journey began for the better World.everything is possible in life but with true spirit and determination....

Om Shanti..

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The Wall

May 4 '16
Nice infor bro...waiting for more
May 6 '16
The Journey of spiritual life is continued....
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