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Virgo is one of the most mysterious Sign. Mercury is the lord of this sign. It is the sixth house of natural zodiac which is the house of law and justice. The sign of this house is a Maiden.

Here we get the punishment or rewards of our last births maximum. Its Very difficult to understand them. your soul is born to evolve in higher level in this life and this transformation can not come without pain.They often feel very dissatisfied and frustrated.

They have deep, tender emotions and care for others. But you will be perceived completely opposite. You want to think everything logically. you are fixed in opinion but not so inflexible that you will not change your opinion upon reviewing of opposing facts. you are very much hard working. But you may suffer due to excessive zeal and ambition. It is very tough to know you intimately. your shyness and aloofness need to be penetrated before becoming truly close to you. Its hard for you to show your feelings though lot of thing is going on within your mind. you can mingle with person very easily but very difficult to get close to you emotionally. Routine work gives you frustration. You have a inborn business acumen.

You are not very religious or spiritual person but you may take religious practice or meditation to increase your mental capacity. you may have inclination towards artistic and literary works but you would like to keep them as hobby only.

Summing up, These persons are practical, logical, hardworking but very hard to understand truely. Even if they achieve lot of success, they feel dissatisfied and life is like painful for them.
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