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Everyone wants to leave a Luxurious and comfortable Life.People work day and night for this. But still very few people are there who can earn enough to live the comfortable life. Some people believe that Luck plays an important Role in deciding this. Whether We believe in Luck or Not, But we can not deny that some objects brings can actually influence our Life. So to Improve your Life and Luck there are some rules in Vastu Shastra.

Do Your house has any of the following items ? If yes, do not hesitate to remove them immediately because it may actually blocking your success.

Pigeon House Check if there is any Pigeon House. If there is any Pigeon House, You may loose all your wealth. This may also increase problems within your family. It will bring misfortune to you. So if you have any Pigeon House, Be aware and remove it immediately.

Honey Comb This is also Very Dangerous for Family. If there is any Honey Comb in your house, it may be the reason of your Bad luck. So if there is any such Honey Comb within your House, Take necessary step immediately.

Spider Nets Spider Net can also be  the reason of Your misfortune. This may bring poverty and financial Loss to you.

Broken Mirror As per Vastu Sastra broken Mirror can be very dangerous to the family. The broken mirror may attract negative energy in life. So if there is any such broken mirror in your house, remove it immediately.

The Bats The Bats is the most unwanted thing in house. Due to this even death may occur in family.

Porch Sometime we pile all our unwanted stuff in the porch. It becomes our Store room. If have any such porch where you have piled all your unwanted stuff, clear it immediately. Any such porch may actually bring misfortune to you.

Dropping water from tap This is very common in most of the houses. But this small thing can actually become a major factor in bringing bad luck to your family. Positive energy of the house may leave gradually.

If You have any of the above mentioned in your house, remove them immediately and you can also become a wealthy and influential person of the society.
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