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The divine science of Vedic astrology is gift to mankind from ancient sages.It unfolds uncertainties of life, reduces tension and   help us to move in the right direction.It deals with various aspects of human life such as health, wealth, Mind, status etc.As the movement of Sun and Moon brings high tide and Low tide, in the same way the stars  influences human being.

Vedic means from Vedas. Veda means Knowledge. In our Hindu shastra, there are 4 Vedas which are the store houses of knowledge. Our ancient "Rishis" have written the Vedas and shastras approximately 4000 years ago to preserve the wisdom      and knowledge for the future.Vedic knowledge is majorly subdivided in six branches and these are called Vedangas.  It is part of one of these Vedangas, which is called jyotish. That is why it is known as the eyes of Vedas.("jyoti" means eye or light and "ish" has come from "ishwara" which means God or nature)

Origin of Vedic Astrology

This is very difficult to say how and when this concept started.If we go with our ancient scriptures, Lord Gnesha invented this method of Jyotish. So Lord Ganesha/Ganapathi is the deity for learning astrology. In the atharba Veda which was written  4000- 5000 yrs. ago has some stanza over jyotish. Some researcher says that there is brief description in Rigveda also.Ancient sages wrote large works on astrology in Sanskrit language. But the sad part is that, oral tradition was convention for learning. So sages memorised everything and very little was put into writing. Among all the ancient texts "Brihat Parasari Hora Shastra" written by Maharshi Parasar is treated as the bible to the present astrologers.It is the first authentic book written on astrology.   But it is Varahmihira who actually spread this subject.He was the most famous astrologer of ancient time. He had summarized    all the astrological and astronomical knowledge available at that time in books like brihatjatak, Brihat samhita etc. These books  are still being followed.Some other great works from where the principles are mainly derived are Bhrigu Sanhita written by Maharshi Bhrigu,Saravali by kalyan Verma etc.

In ancient india Astrology and astronomy was not separate from each other and a good astrologer was bound to be a good astronomer too. Varahmihira wrote a very beautiful book on surya sidhanta which is on astronomy. Many great writings have been lost for ever during the muslim attack in india.So we can conclude in this way that Divine source like Bhagban Ganesh has given this knowledge to Rishis like Parashar, Bhrigu etc and from them the knowledge came to the ancient astrologers Varahmihira, Kalyan Verma etc and from them it has come to us.


Few Important books of Indian astrology is as below

  • Brihat Parasari Hora Shastra
  • Bhrigu Samhita
  • Jataka parijat
  • Saravali
  • Brihat Jatak
  • Laghu Parasari Hora
  • Phaladeepika


Difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology

Western astrology is Mainly Sun Sign Astrology. It categorizes people into 12 groups according to their birth Month.Some people may be convinced that people born in same month will certainly share some qualities but it does not seem to be very logical. There are too many people born in the same month who are completely different from each other. Vedic Astrology whereas deals with the position of planets and stars in the sky to calculate different events of a persons life. Western astrology do not count Rahu and ketu as a planet and takes urenas, neptune and pluto as a planet. But vedic astrology do not include them. 

It mainly constitutes of Sign, planetory period, Nakshtra and ascendant. You must be interested to know about Ascendant. Please read  This is a very strong tool for future prediction. Different planets have different nature character which you can read from my article on nature of planets-  But this strong tool has seen many ups and downs in its journey from the hut of hermit to the modern era. For enriching any science continuous research is required to build new formula on the basis of old ones. We also need to focus on the research of vedic astrology to make it better, smooth transformations suiting to the changing priorities of our society.

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