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Astrology is a sacred science. Our ancient sages developed this science for the benefit of mankind.When i was of 6 or 7 yrs old i got a Bengali book on astrology. As i started reading it, my curiosity increases and a journey started which is still on. By profession I am an Electronics engineer with more than 11 yrs industry Experience. I am working with one of the largest corporate house of the country. My main motive behind this website is to educate people about some basic facts regarding this subject. People mostly think that Astrology is only about Future prediction but which is partially true. It is a subject which is related to planets and stars according to our own Karma and deed. Astrology is a very strong weapon and like every other weapon it can be used and also tends towards misutilization. Astrologylover is the site for every astrologer/ student of astrology/ normal people who loves astrology. This is your space and if you know anything which you want to share, you are mostly welcome. In case of any doubt, you post your query to the forum. We are in the process of bringing some more features to you, till then Enjoy this Vast science with all the Astrologylovers.

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